Our Story

All the excitement about sailing and sailing boats started for us in 2009. The freedom we felt while we were sailing, led us to the decision that we had to follow our dream: Sailing through the Aegean sea, visiting every single island, one after another, from May to September.

We got to the point of settling permanently on a small sailing boat for 2 years. The idea of making our hobby a profession was growing by the time. We met with the locals, we cooked together, and listened to their stories. We just started our own family business – to run a boat chartering agency.


We do not offer just beautiful islands, crystal clear waters and exotic beaches. You can find these in many parts of the world. We offer emotion and memories. We focus on transmitting our love for freedom and care to as many people as possible, creating and providing a safe and friendly environment.

As the memories and emotions are something that stays forever in our hearts, we do the best we can to make sure that all these memories will stick with you forever, wherever you go.

Where to find us

Interesting in our tours, boat rentals, and services? Maybe any questions? You can contact us, or come by our offices and meet our team in Kavala, Greece.

  • Address: Omonias 77, 1st floor
  • City: Kavala
  • Country: Greece
  • Postal Code: 65302